Section 278 Agreement Guidance Notes For Developers

Conditions for the person to pay all or part of the cost of the work that can be fixed or fixed in accordance with the agreement. The demand for development-related planning generally defines the principles of the work required. The motorway authority cannot then refuse to enter into an agreement for the promoter to carry out the authorized work as long as the work complies with the appropriate standards. „A motorway authority, if they are convinced that it will be useful for the public, to reach an agreement with any person – in Birmingham, we generally use s278 agreements to allow developers to employ a road builder, and for that contractor, to work on the existing public highway, as if we, the highway administration, were doing work. The proponent is responsible for all aspects of the public highway work, from planning to monitoring the construction and ensuring that the work is completed to our satisfaction. However, highway improvements on roads controlled by local road authorities generally follow the following provisions, and Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980 applies when: in rural areas, it may be necessary to replace existing parish lighting with improved lighting in accordance with the requirements of the Council and the Council to become the lighting authority on a given section of the highway. The agreement between the road authority and the promoter is called the agreement section 278, and it can include articles such as: A paper and an electronic copy of roadworks are required, which requires layout at a scale of at least 1:250, as well as longitudinal sections and cross sections, including a typical cross section with detailed work and also details of means of surface water disposal. You will find a complete list of the required plans in our technical design information. The document is prepared by the lawyer of the local highway authority and issued to the developer`s lawyer in the form of design. The details of the agreement will then be agreed before the final document is finalized and signed by both parties before the start of field work. Prior to the signing of Section 278, a maintenance contribution of $10,000 must be filed with the Commission. This is the case for all restoration or traffic management security work for which we have not been able to contact the developer or its subcontractors in order to secure the area within 2 hours. Here you can find information on agreements with the Secretary of State for Transportation under Section 278 of the Highways Act 1980. If the promoter does not make agreed payments or if the work is not carried out in accordance with the agreement, the motorway authority has the power to close access to the site.

Planning permission for the planned construction must first be obtained. Please see our general instructions on layout requirements. All administrative work (but not the Council`s legal costs) related to the agreement, including initial instructions, as well as acceptance of the work and updating in the Council`s databases. inspections of the implementation of the signalling work (pylons, signalheads, wiring, control) defined in the agreement, during the duration of the construction and during the duration of the maintenance.