Twi Collective Agreement

The Association and American Airlines have reached an agreement on the implementation of certain elements of the JCBAs. The following positions include salary, retirement and certain benefits that are most important to our membership: the impact of the severe pandemic of COVID 19 on the operation of the company has created uncertainty about the ability to predict specific implementation dates for certain contractual positions that the company must hire. That is why the parties have agreed to meet within 60 days of ratification and ongoing, in order to reach agreement on all outstanding agreements after the ratification date and not in the implementation agreement reached today. While we expect that after ratification we will settle amicable conditions that would cover all outstanding implementation issues, the association has not waived one of its dispute resolution rights, including the appeal procedure. The association is committed to cooperating to help the company implement the JCBA provisions. „The firm approval of these treaties proves once again that we are capable of securing contracts worthy of our members by united us and showing our solidarity and determination,“ said Sito Pantoja, president of the association, and Vice President Alex Garcia. „This is the same determination that will lead us through this unprecedented crisis facing our airlines, our industry and our country.“ It is important to ensure that members who choose furlough instead of exercising their seniority rights always ensure that their contact information is and remains up to date, as you have lifetime recall rights. The same contact information is also the only information that would be used to inform you of a recall, and if it is not up to date, you may lose your recall rights. If you get angry and then change, be sure to update your contact information, both with the company and with the EU, to preserve and protect your recall rights. To all members of the TWU/IAM Association on American Airlines: all TWU/IAM Association Collective Bargaining agreements ratified on March 26, 2020 contain system principles and first-level station protection for our members. It has taken several years to get the industry leader contract that you are covered for and the management of the association is ready to participate in any discussions that can help in the situation we are facing, but that does not mean that we are prepared to grant any contractual protection or language for which we fought so hard. If the Americans try to violate the provisions of our agreements, the association is prepared to defend membership. In these unprecedented times, we urge all our members to be safe.

We also recall that our solidarity is our greatest good in times of good and turbulence. The reality is that we are going through very unstable and worrying times. While today, there are certainly more passengers flying than at the end of March, this sector is still only a fraction of the level of passengers in 2019. And in the absence of a coordinated national response to the coronavirus pandemic, rising infection rates in the United States and several state-ordered quarantines, there is a high risk that a significant recovery in flight demand will not occur early enough to bring American Airlines to the record profits it earned not so long ago. The TWU/IAM Association is committed to doing everything in its power to mitigate the effects of this instability on those we represent. For IAM members, please click here to inform your local representative to Congress. The association`s management conducted a dialogue with U.S. leaders by expressing ideas that could lead more members to opt for short-term leave or voluntary separation (including the Early Out American offer to JetNet members during negotiations), full implementation of the negotiated JCBAs work arrangements, and the cancellation of work currently done by suppliers.