Unm Consortium Agreement

The consortium agreement form can be completed online for the summer and follows the same completion steps as the above. Once your consoritum agreement is approved, you can submit the summer application form online to request summer help. The host institution is the place where the student temporarily takes courses whose credits are donated to his „original campus“. The student is responsible for the payment of the courses at the host institution. The consortium agreement form can be considered an online form. You will log on to the form with your netid and password, inform your host school (the school where you want to take thought courses), provide and submit information about your academic advisor and program to UNM. After submission, the form is sent for approval to the host school you have designated and to your academic advisor. During your academic career at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), you can take a course at another institution and restart the (s) course (s) to your studies at the CFSC. This can be achieved through a consortium agreement and you may be eligible for financial assistance.

As soon as the CFFC Financial Assistance Office receives all the necessary documents, your assistance will be evaluated. Home school is the institution where the student is fully admitted and where he or she will acquire a diploma. The home institution provides financial assistance to the student and does not pay funds directly to the host institution. For more information, please contact the Financial Assistance Office at 505-428-1268. This consortium agreement refers to the two colleges/universities as „Home Campus“ and „Host Campus:“ Guidelines There are specific guidelines that you must follow to complete this process. This consortium agreement is a contract between two higher education institutions/university that recognizes your registration at any location for financial support purposes. In addition, it certifies only one of the two institutions is able to manage Title IV and state financial assistance. Federal law requires that all requests for financial assistance come from your school email address. Please email any questions about the financial support of your SFCC email account. Connect to JACK, access the email account in the top right corner and create a new email with „financialaid@sfcc.edu“ in the address bar.