Suddenlink Franchise Agreement

„The next logical step is to take some kind of legal action, defined in the franchise, to enforce the franchise agreement,“ Elswick said. 15. Resignation. Suddenlink may terminate this Agreement, separate some or all of the Services, and remove devices at any time without notice, for any reason or no reason, including, but not limited to, unless Customer or User fails to fully comply with the terms of this Agreement and/or suddenlink`s or authorized third party terms of use. Agreements or directives incorporated therein by reference. If Suddenlink terminates the Service due to a breach of this Agreement or Suddenlink`s guidelines, additional fees and charges may be charged, including separation and termination fees, and Suddenlink may also exercise other legal rights and remedies. On the other hand, cable operators consider the fee as a cost of activity that they pass on to the customer. [1] By listing the mark-up on their bill on the portion of the fee, customers may feel that it is the government that is responsible for that portion, not the cable operator. Since customers can immediately notice any increase in the royalty and interpret it as a „tax increase,“ the list on the bill may deter governments from insisting that fees be increased if the franchise agreement is renewed.

2. Additional fees. In addition to the customer`s monthly recurring fee and any late fees, additional fees may be charged, including the fee for returned checks, payment fee for payment by phone, receipt of a paper invoice, retrobooking of the card retrobook, early termination, online re-release and service calls. Additional fees may also be charged when collection activities are required to recover outstanding balances, including attorneys` fees. A list of the costs incurred („tariff“) can be found at Suddenlink reserves the right to modify or modify the payment of fees from time to time. 19. Telephone communications with you about your account or service: you agree that Suddenlink and its representatives may provide you under any telephone number (landline or wireless) that you provide to us, using an automated voting system and/or a pre-recorded message for non-advertising services and/or account purposes, such as.B. appointment confirmations, You can send service notifications, call or send SMS. Billing and collection issues or concerns about restoring the account….